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Who won the second debate?
from The Bulletin's Front Page

Final poll results
President Bush and Democratic rival John Kerry battled over Iraq and the tax cuts in a second debate on Friday, with Kerry still accusing the president of errors of judgment in Iraq, and Bush claiming the world is safer without Saddam Hussein. Looking ahead, Kerry said he would seek reconstruction help from European nations. Bush said he is building a lighter, more mobile armed force. Kerry said the president's tax cuts have benefited the wealthiest 1 percent of the people by nearly $80 billion. Bush said his tax cuts have helped everyone.

National polls say the race is even.

We asked "who won?" in our poll Sept. 30 after the first debate, and the results were Kerry, 346 and Bush, 111, with 19 undecided.

This time, who won?

  President George Bush 308 36%
  Challenger John Kerry 290 34%
  undecided 247 29%
Total responses to this question845100%

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