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Groene at the Legislature: Questions for wind farm proponents

Congratulations to Sutherland Housing Authority for smoke-free policies

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Cattle feeder appointed to state brand committee

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Election Poll 2004
from The Bulletin's Front Page

Final poll results
Who will you vote for for North Platte Mayor?
  M. L. Martin 251 56%
  G. Keith Richardson 198 44%
Total responses to this question449100%

City Council - Ward 2 (for Ward 2 residents only)
  Judy Pederson 192 56%
  Donna Bodenstab 149 44%
Total responses to this question341100%

City Council - Ward 3 (Ward 3 residents only)
  Dan McGuire 184 60%
  Larry Lee Britton 124 40%
Total responses to this question308100%

Should school board members of the North Platte School District (District 1) be elected by ward or precinct?
  Yes 266 67%
  No 132 33%
Total responses to this question398100%

Lincoln County Commissioner, District 1
  Joe Hewgley 213 59%
  Leonard Hiatt 147 41%
Total responses to this question360100%

Will you vote for or against the casino gambling proposals?
  For 228 60%
  Against 152 40%
Total responses to this question380100%

North Platte School Board District 1 - There are three seats open, please pick three candidates.
  Stuart Shepherd 188 22%
  Mark Blackledge 158 19%
  Jim Paloucek 215 25%
  Penny Reynolds 143 17%
  Bruce Richman 146 17%
Total responses to this question850100%

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