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Graphic war video and high school students
from The Bulletin's Front Page

Final poll results
A North Platte High School teacher has been suspended for showing some students a video of Iraqis beheading U.S. citizen Nick Berg on his computer. The teacher gave the students -- juniors and seniors -- the option of watching it or not.

The teacher was suspended because the graphic and horrifying images of the execution could cause serious psychological harm to the students, school administrators said.

Others think older students can handle the harsh reality, and point out that at least they had adult company while looking at something they might view on the sly anyway.

What do you think? Should 17-18-year-old students be allowed to see such atrocities with the assistance of a high school teacher?

  Yes, they can handle it. 798 37%
  Not under any condition. 754 35%
  No, not without parental permission. 606 28%
Total responses to this question2158100%

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