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Legalized casino gambling
from The Bulletin's Front Page

Final poll results
Both the Nebraska Legislature and a citizen's group appear poised to let voters decide in November if Nebraska should legalize casino-style gambling. Both groups propose gambling on a limited basis at a couple of full service casinos near Omaha. The citizen's group also would allow slot machine parlors at a few locations along I-80 and U.S. Highway 81. And video slot machines would be allowed in bars.

The arguments for and against more gambling in Nebraska go like this:

Supporters say that there are already other forms of gambling, such as keno, pickle cards and horse racing, so what's the big deal? Also, they say that Nebraska loses big money on gambling to casinos in Iowa and South Dakota, where they are legal. They say adults should be allowed to make up their own minds to gamble or not.

Opponents say gambling hurts family values as well as other businesses such as convenience stores and mom and pop restaurants if they don't have gambling machines. And they say gambling creates more social problems such as alcohol abuse, child neglect and domestic breakups, the consequences of which cost society a sizeable amount of time and trouble.

How about you? If the issue were on the ballot today, how would you vote?

  I am against legalizing casino-type gambling. 708 25%
  I favor casino gambling, on a restricted basis. 577 21%
  I am for more gambling, without any state restrictions. 1509 54%
Total responses to this question2794100%

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