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County court report: Drugs, assaults, theftTell North Platte what you think
Courtesy Photo­Image
Reynaldo Perez
Courtesy Photo­Image
Kenneth E. Cassell

The Lincoln County courts were busy Thursday, as several suspects in meth, assault and theft cases appeared before the judge.

Bradley Kohl Jr. was convicted of the reduced charge of attempted possession of a controlled substance.

Defense Attorney Kent Florom told him about the deal -- that the state would reduce the charge if Kohl would plead guilty.

Kohl agreed and pled guilty to the misdemeanor.  

Piccolo issued a 30-day jail sentence and gave him credit for five days served. Kohl said he would sit out the court costs.

Kohl was arrested at 10:13 p.m. Friday in the driveway of a home in the 600 block of Rodeo Rd. He was found in possession of hydrocodone pills for which he had no prescription, police said.



Reynaldo Perez, 33, appeared for a contested preliminary hearing on two felony charges of possession of a controlled substance – meth, and possession of a firearm with a drug violation.

Perez was one of five North Platte residents arrested July 18 for meth possession.

Defense attorney Patrick Heng told Judge Michael Piccolo that he met his client and reviewed the police report.

He said Perez would waive his right to a preliminary hearing and his case was bound over to district court. Heng also requested a reduction in bond.  

With no objection from Deputy County Attorney Jennifer Clements, Piccolo reduced bond to 10 percent of $50,000.



Nicholas Flynn was arraigned for possession of methamphetamine. Turnbull read the charges and told Flynn if he is convicted he could get five years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

Turnbull assigned attorney Kent Florom to the case.

Flynn waived his right to a preliminary hearing and the case was bound over to district court.

Flynn was arrested Aug. 1 after lab tests showed there was meth on a pipe that police seized from him on March 19.

It took the Nebraska State Patrol crime lab 4.5 months to test the pipe.

Flynn is out of jail on a $5,000 bond.





Kenneth Cassell appeared to be sentenced on misdemeanor charges of domestic assault and resisting arrest.

Prior to sentencing, he spoke on his own behalf. 

He admitted that he had not cooperated with officers.  

"I wouldn't submit, but the officers were three times my size and just threw me around," he said.

"The pre-sentence investigation report compiles an entirely different version than yours," Piccolo said

Cassell was sentenced to 99 days in jail and court costs, with credit for the 57 days that he’s served. Piccolo granted Cassell time to pay his court costs.

Cassell, 32, was arrested June 11 in the 1100 block of South Tabor.

Investigator John Deal said Cassell pushed a woman down during an argument and hurt her.

When police tried to arrest Cassell, he grabbed a fence and tried to pull away. Officers tried to take him to the ground and part of the fence broke. 

During the scuffle, one of the officers received a minor cut on his forehead. Cassell was eventually subdued and taken to jail, according to the police report.



Scott Trueblood appeared before Lincoln County Judge Kent Turnbull for a preliminary hearing for resisting arrest, second offense.

Defense Attorney Blaine Gillett asked for a contested preliminary hearing. Turnbull set the hearing for Oct. 2.   

Tureblood, 28, was arrested July 20 after deputies responded to a disturbance in Sutherland. Trueblood was intoxicated and generally uncooperative, according to a sheriff’s statement.

Deputies took his knife from him for safety reasons, but Trueblood was angered when the knife was taken and allegedly went after a deputy, threatening him, the sheriff said.



Nathan Edmund charged with third-degree domestic assault, accepted a deal and pled no contest in exchange for a 60-day straight jail sentence.

Edmund received credit for 10 days served and agreed to set out the court costs in jail. 



Claudette Philbrick was convicted of third-degree assault. She pled no contest.

Before sentencing, she spoke in her own behalf.

"I didn't mean to cause her (the victim) any harm," she said.  

Lincoln County Judge Michael Piccolo told her she had an extensive record that he had to consider. 

Philbrick said she wanted to learn to change her behavior.

"I will give you the opportunity to learn in jail," Piccolo said. He sentenced her to 30 days in jail plus costs and gave her credit for 7 days served.

Philbrick chose to sit out court costs. 




Riley Hubert appeared for a preliminary hearing for a theft by deception. 

Hubert was arrested July 29 and charged with writing bad checks. Police said the registration on his car was expired and he didn’t have auto insurance.

Defense Attorney Florom was sitting in for public defender Amanda Speichert.

"I understand you indicated you want a contested hearing," Defense Attorney Florom said to Hubert.

Florom told him that Speichert advised him to waive his right to a hearing and allow the case to be bound over to district court.

"Do want to do that?" Florom asked.

"I'm not waiving any rights. I want this investigated," Hubert said.

Hubert kept talking, but Florom stopped him.  

"That's all I want to hear," he said.

Turnbull scheduled the preliminary hearing for Aug. 21.



Caroyln Duffield accepted a plea agreement to a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized use of a credit card. Judge Michael Piccolo followed recommendations of the plea agreement and fined her $500 plus costs. 

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 8/7/2014
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