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News - Local News
Bowling returns to North PlatteTell North Platte what you think
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Photo by Joe Chitwood
New lanes, screens and lights. (click on image to enlarge)
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Meyer and Claudson
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Krizek and Fuller

On Friday, the former Cedar Bowl reopened as Wild Bill's Bowling and Wings. The new owners Lonnie and Kelly Parsons and Gary and Chris Suhr completely remodeled the alleys and replaced equipment.

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General Manager Bill Fuller said that business has been good. 

"Saturday was one of the busiest days I have ever seen at the alley," Fuller said. Fuller has bowled there for 30 years.

Work is in progress on the restaurant and arcade.

"We hope to have the arcade open by Friday (Aug. 8) and the restaurant by Aug. 15," he said.

Several groups of bowlers enjoyed the lanes Monday afternoon.

Austin Claudson, 24, of North Platte bowled with caregiver Tracy Meyer. Claudson is the son of Kelly and Deb Claudson of North Platte. 

"I like the new lanes much better, and the place is nice," Claudson said.

Dylan Nesslen and his friend Marcelles Sanchez-Rodriguez bowled Saturday and returned again Monday.

"We both came to cosmic bowling Saturday night," Nesslen said. "Everything lights up, even the pictures on the walls, it is neat."

"I like the automatic score keeping machine," Sanchez-Rodriquez said. "It is neat how it replays your shot in slow motion on the scoreboard."

"All of the new stuff is really cool," Nesslen said.

Ardelle Krizek worked at the Cedar Bowl for 47 years and is involved in WB’s, helping get leagues started and schedule Christmas parties and after-prom parties." 

"After that, we will see how it goes," Krizek said. 

She is impressed with the dedication of the owners and the managers and she shares their enthusiasm.

"I have watched how all of them pay attention to detail when hiring and notice how demanding they are. That is a good thing,” Krizek said. "I think this will be really successful. I have heard from so many people and had so many people come in and be excited by what is going on.”

"Let me tell you, this new equipment we have is state of the art,” she said. “I tell people the computers that run our operation will do everything but change your tires.”

Krizek visited the Big Apple bowling center in Kearney and talked to the owner.

"He told me that when we got our new equipment in North Platte, it would make his seem old and out of date," she said.

All of the previous equipment had been in service since Butch Rasmussen opened the Cedar Bowl, she said. 

"What will make this new place different is it will be more family orientated," Krizek said. "We will close at midnight and appeal to families. There isn't even a dance floor in the restaurant."

Pool tables are in place and the arcade games will be installed when electrical work is complete. Tables line the far end of the arcade, ready for parties. 

In the past, there was no specific area to reserve for special events, she said.

"With the tables back there we can have more than one party and each group will have a certain color table cloth designating their area," she said.

Cosmic bowling now comes with colored lights on the lanes, glowing pictures on the walls, and electronic interactions with the pin setters and tables.

Fuller said the first cosmic bowling night was a big success -- all 22 lanes were full.

Leagues are filling, Krizek said.

"I already have several leagues that start Aug. 11," she said.  "I have made contact with bowlers clear back from the 2011 season on up and have had excellent results. People are ready to bowl. I expect lots of leagues with lots of new teams.”  

“On Sept. 13, we will have a special day for kids," Fuller said. "We are calling it Super Bowling Saturday and it will be held from noon to 3 p.m. Law enforcement will be here to meet with kid. We really want to promote the youth of North Platte."

The Midwest Medical Transport helicopter from the airport will be parked in the parking lot for kids to see.  

Wild Bill's bowling hours are 9 a.m.-11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 9 a.m.-midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 8/4/2014
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bigtrouble-I think it will do alright. The Touch Me Club had a pretty bad reputation so now that the place is under new owners and had a face lift they should be able to bring in more desirable people and be pretty successful.
Posted by Mike    - 8/7/2014 10:28:16 AM
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NebraskaLand National Bank You've got a
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Now the trick is to see how many people keep going back. I'm glad the bowling alley reopened, I really am. But the key to keeping it open is to utilize it on a regular basis and not whenever you can't find something better to do as was the case before. Having a great opening weekend or couple of months is one thing. Let's see how well they are doing in a year or so and see if all the North Plattites will support it this time around or get bored with it and start crying out for something different.
Posted by bigtroubleinlittlenp    - 8/6/2014 12:38:16 PM
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they must not have replaced pin setters same problems as befor
Posted by rattlesnake    - 8/5/2014 7:37:38 AM
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It looks like they hired a lot of the old Cedar Bowl staff too so thats nice.
Posted by Mike    - 8/5/2014 6:54:25 AM
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What a wonderful improvement for North Platte!!! Love that it is all family-oriented! Well done, Suhrs and Parsons!
Posted by nice person    - 8/4/2014 6:25:35 PM
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