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Sheriff warns of door-to-door magazine sales forceTell North Platte what you think

A group of individuals sold magazines door to door Monday in a village in Lincoln County without the proper permits, so Lincoln County deputies told them to leave.

The magazine sales group could have possibly been a front for illegal activity and/or a scam, according to a sheriff’s statement.

Sheriff Jerome Kramer said door-to-door magazine sales are a typical scam, along with vacuum sales, siding and windows sales and driveway re-surfacers.  

Here is his advice:

Typical scams:
1. Vacuum sales, never fall for this.
2. Magazine sales, only listen if it’s school kids or local charity.
3. Siding / window; use only local contractors.
4. Driveway resurfacing; never fall for this, always a scam.
5. Roofing; use only local contractors.
6. Steaks / seafood; usually old food of low quality and may have been stolen.
7. Ask to use the phone or bathroom; never let them in these people will take your prescriptions.
8. Ask to use computer to look at a website; never let them in may steal personal information.
9. Selling knives or tools; always refuse never let them in.
10. Steel buildings; very big scam. Use local companies.

Peddlers permit:

Always ask to see the permit. If they cannot produce a valid permit, shut the door and call the sheriff’s office. Try to give a description of the person and the vehicle, including the license plate, and what they are trying to sell.

Never, never, never:
1. Give any personal information, bank information, date of birth, or social security number.
2. Let the subjects in your residence.
3. Tell them you live alone.
4. Give names or ages of children. Sex offenders have gone door to door asking these questions.
5. Sign anything, not ever!

Remember you were doing just fine without their product or help. Remember, if you did not call them, you don’t want it, Kramer said. Ask if they are Lincoln County residents and if they have proof. If not, be very careful!!!!

Always remember, you can:

Tell them to leave immediately or you will call the sheriff’s office. Call the sheriff’s office if they do not. Tell the deputy the sales person was trespassing and they disturbed your peace. Give a written statement if requested.

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 7/15/2014
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