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At Legislature: Guns can't be prohibited in emergencyTell North Platte what you think
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Tom Hansen

Boy, I thought last week was grueling, it paled in comparison to this week. On Monday, we adjourned near midnight; on Tuesday, adjournment was near 10 p.m.; and on Wednesday it was 10:30 p.m.

Again, we made major accomplishments, but it was a struggle to get there. We are in recess now until next Thursday, the 60th and final day of this session.


LB 485, a bill that prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation needed 33 votes to end an 8 hour filibuster. Sen. Conrad filed a cloture motion to stop the debate, but it failed getting only 26 votes. The bill is likely dead for this session.

The governor’s veto was sustained on LB 671, a bill that would eliminate provisions relating to hunting mountain lions. Sen. Chambers attempted to override the veto, but his attempt was not successful.       

LB 1092e would have authorized highway bonding, but the bill failed on Final Reading.

Bills passed into law include:

LR 41CA – a Constitutional Amendment authorizing legislation for licensing and regulating wagering on live or replayed horseraces. This Resolution will be placed on the ballot in November to allow the citizens of Nebraska the opportunity to vote on this issue.

LB 191 adopts the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act, provides tax credits, and changes certain valuation provisions as prescribed.

LB 464 changes provisions relating to the juvenile justice system, arraignment, court jurisdiction, and services for juveniles and families.

LB 690 creates the Aging Nebraskans Task Force and requires a grant application. After being vetoed by Gov. Heineman, the Legislature overrode his veto and the bill became law.

LB 800 provides for designation of enterprise zones and preferences in certain business incentive programs.

LB 863 changes provisions relating to cemeteries and alcohol sales, prohibits sales of e-cigarettes to minors, prohibits certain sales of tobacco products, and adopts by reference provisions of the National Electrical Code.

LB 907e provides more intensive supervised release after prison time, among other things.

LB 908 changes child guardianship, ward, and adoption for child out-of-wedlock provisions.

LB 961 provides for an interstate firefighting compact and requires and changes workers’ compensation provisions and requires coverage for volunteer firefighters, changes provisions of the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act, the Nebraska Construction Prompt Pay Act, and the Employment Security Law.

LB 998 changes provisions relating to disposition of human remains, offenses related to the person, sexual exploitation, labor and sex trafficking, the Sex Offender Registration Act, and driving under the influence.

LB 999 focuses on helping inmates successfully reenter the community when they leave prison. It also would create a 200-bed treatment facility at the former Hastings Regional Center.

LB 1098e helps pay for water projects to manage Nebraska's water supply, expands the Natural Resources Commission from 16 members to 27 to ensure that more major water users are represented. It would require natural resources districts and the state to work to together on river-basin management plans.

Bills advanced to final reading:

LB 254 was changed from its introduced version and amended so that it requires screening coverage for amino-acid based elemental formulas, regardless of the delivery method, for the diagnosis and treatment of a certain allergy to multiple food proteins; provides insurance coverage of autism spectrum disorders; and eliminates a termination date on coverage requirements for oral anticancer medication.

LB 276 changes provisions of the Early Intervention Act, the Medical Assistance Act, the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act, and the Special Education Act.

LB 383 provides for the issuance of Military Honor License Plates. There will be six designs, one for each of the armed forces, and they may be either numerical or message plates.

LB 390 removes firearms from the list of items that can be controlled by suspending or limiting their sale, dispensing, or transportation during a declared emergency; allows up to $25,000 to be spent on aerial fire suppression or hazardous material response per event, out of the Governor’s Emergency Program without a state of emergency declaration by the Governor; and would allow firearms to be possessed by a person for the purpose of using them, with the approval of the school, in an historical reenactment, in a hunter education program, or as a part of an honor guard.

LB 526 - Originally, this bill would have allowed optometrists to perform minor surgical procedures, but a compromise was reached allowing optometrists to prescribe oral steroids, oral anti-glaucoma medications and oral immunosuppressants. They also would be able to use epinephrine, or EpiPens, when necessary.

LB 811 changes provisions relating to controlled substances, prescriptions, and certain assault provisions.

LB 916 would do away with the integrated practice agreement that nurse practitioners now must have with doctors in order to work. The bill does not do away with a provision that they work collaboratively with doctors and other care providers.

LB 923 provides for the position of state school security director and requires training on school security and suicide awareness and prevention for school personnel.

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 4/11/2014
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