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Court & Cops: Woman, man remain in jail for assaultsTell North Platte what you think

A North Platte woman remains in jail after she allegedly assaulted two other women, with help from a man who accompanied her.

At 12:45 a.m. on April 7, police went to an apartment in the 400 block of E. 10th to check out a reported assault.

A 26 year-old woman said that Jessica Martin, 26 and Thomas Keefer, 25 came to her house and wanted a clothing item returned. The woman said Martin and Keefer attacked both her and another victim, a 21-year-old.

The older woman said Martin rushed her, slammed her against a car and punched her multiple times in the face, police investigator John Deal said.

The younger woman tried to intervene. Keefer pulled her hair and Martin began striking her.

Following more investigation, police believed they had probable cause to arrest Martin for two counts of third-degree assault and felony strangulation. Keefer was charged with third-degree assault.

Police took both of them to jail on Wednesday.

When Martin was arraigned Thursday, she told Lincoln County Judge Kent Turnbull that she could not afford an attorney. She also asked for a low bond so she wouldn’t be in danger of losing her job.

"I have never been in trouble before," Martin said.

Turnbull told her there was little chance of a minimal bond because the charge is a felony, and that an attorney would be appointed. 

Turnbull then set bond was set at $7,500, and ordered Martin not to have any contact with the alleged victim if she is able to pay bail.



After Ivan Caylor was convicted Thursday of resisting arrest, he begged the court for a little time to get his clothes back out of the house where he was arrested, but he didn’t get it.

Caylor was arrested on April 2 when police were called to 1212 E. Fourth in response to a woman who said that Caylor refused to leave her home.

He appeared Thursday in Lincoln County Court via a video screen from the jail.

According to prosecutors, when police arrived, an officer put a handcuff on one of Caylor’s wrists but he resisted before the other cuff could be applied. In the ensuing scuffle, officers took him to the ground, but he continued to resist and kicked at the officers.

After finally being restrained, he refused to stand up and walk. Police had to carry him to the car and forcibly put him inside.

Defense attorney Bob Lindemeier said his client was ready to accept a plea agreement. Even though it was the second time Caylor has been charged with resisting arrest, the prosecution agreed to drop the second-offense charge as well as the trespassing charge.

In return, Caylor pled no contest and was convicted.

Then he said he wanted to say a few things.

Lincoln County Judge Kent Turnbull told him to wait until after sentencing, then ordered him to spend 90 days in jail, with credit for seven days served.

Then, Caylor told Turnbull that he was not as aggressive as the police report indicated.

“Sir, she invited me over and I spent the night with her and I didn't sleep on the couch,” he said.

Caylor said she told him how good of a relationship they had, but then she began drinking and “her attitude completely changed and she asked me to leave, but I didn't have any place to go.”

He also disputed the report of resisting arrest.

“I was in the bathroom and they (the police) yelled at me to come out or said they would come and drag me out,” Caylor said.

He said he was on the toilet with his pants down when police came in. He said it might of seemed like he was struggling but actually he was just trying to pull his pants up.

Lindemeier then said his client would like to have some time before reporting to serve his sentence, in order to take care of some personal things. He said Caylor requires medication and might have been prescribed incurred dosages. He said Caylor’s psychiatrist has stated that he has some mental issues. Lindemeier said all of that might have led to the confrontation with the police.

Again, Caylor spoke up and said that he had an appointment the following day at a mental health clinic to get his medicines straightened out.

He said something is wrong with the dosage.

“In here, I can't even think straight and I fall out of bed,” he said.

Caylor said he has a slight case of cerebral palsy, which is why he didn't walk when police got him handcuffed.

“I was having muscle spasms,” he said, “and, they didn't carry me down the steps to the car, they dragged me.”

Turnbull interrupted and told him he tended to believe him on some of the issues. However, he would not be allowed to defer the time to start serving his sentence.  

“If you give me a week, you won't be disappointed,” Caylor replied. He told the judge that he wasn't a foolish man and would never go to the woman’s house again.

As Caylor rambled, Turnbull interrupted again to say that he wasn't going to be given any time out of jail. He told the jailer to make sure that Caylor was taken to his mental health appointment Friday and to keep him informed.

“Let me know,” Turnbull said, noting that Caylor needed mental help or he would be right back in the same situation.

“You are not letting me have any time out?” Caylor said. “If you will just let me have a couple days to take my clothes to a safe place, I promise I will come right back.”

Turnbull once again emphasized that he would not get any time out before starting the sentence.

“Mr. Caylor, we have had this conversation about promises about five times now,” Turnbull said. “We are adjourned.”

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 4/10/2014
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