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Staying connected with loving communicationsTell North Platte what you think
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Happy couples are very respectful towards each other. 

Couples and families have it in their power to be happy with each other and create a pleasant and peaceful home environment in which they live together.

One important element of respect is demonstrating that you are equals in the relationship. Each individual’s opinion is valued; both individuals are of equal importance, both have equal power in the relationship, and both have one vote in the democracy that is the marriage.

When the relationship is approached this way, it is likely to thrive. The partners are in a position to genuinely care for each other. If, on the other hand, the goal is not to build a strong and loving relationship but, instead to have a partnership in which one person is the boss and the other the follower, genuine love for each other is difficult to develop.

Think about the situation this way: If your boss at work is genuinely bossy, you are not prone to like the person. We might “respect” or fear our boss, but if a boss acts in a condescending, pushy and bullish manner, good feelings towards this person are likely to diminish.

Some marriages, unfortunately, operate this way, and when an individual forgets that it is more important to build a strong and caring relationship than it is to tell one’s partner what to do all the time, it can spell disaster for the long-term survival of the marriage.

Couples who work to build cooperative communication can face problems as they try to work together as a team. Rather than competing with each other, try to find ways to work together more. Before tempers flare, make a plan together to leave the room without explanation. Take a short break to cool down and resume the conservation as soon as you are able. Don’t try to avoid working together, and don’t have a temper tantrum. These approaches just don’t work at all.

When you’re talking, you don’t learn anything because you already know what you are going to say. When you are listening, you are learning a lot. Listen carefully first, then figure out what you are going to say. Don’t think about your response while your partner is talking because you won’t really be hearing what he or she is saying.

Don’t play games when communicating with loved ones. 

Loving relationships are too important for that.

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 2/11/2014
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