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Mail: Parking fine should be 10 times higherTell North Platte what you think

Regarding the Bulletin article about parking tickets given to post-prom party goers who parked in handicapped spaces.

The story told of how people plan to fight these tickets on the ground that the place was closed to the public and normally no one goes there after hours

Since this was an event that was for the prom going students. Is there not one student who is handicapped in the public schools system? Is there a student who may be dating a handicapped student from another system? By parking there they may have denied those from attending. Being handicapped myself, I have a great deal of difficulty walking across a parking lot with out running out of breath, or falling, or just plain stumbling.

Yet time and time again I find non-handicapped people parking in a space that I need to make use of. Getting a wheelchair out of a car, and then having to roll 200 feet can be exhausting to some.

Think that some high school girl who got a date with that handsome boy from North Platte and was unable to attend the party because some idiot wanted to park there who was not handicapped...Shame on them. They deserve the ticket and the fine...but the fine is WAY too low....should be $1,000 instead.

By Bob Hershgeer, Dunning

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 7/13/2013
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