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America needs to be re-written, rightTell North Platte what you think
Photo by George Lauby
Brandon Rockwell

I was born four days after the Oklahoma City bombing; 51 years and five days after the Allied invasion of Normandy. I do not understand after so long how humans can live together, but have every reason to fight.

Why is it? Our skin color? Are we all aliens to one another, planets divided by national borders?

No. Two hundred years ago, the United States became segregated. At that point, we were plotting the downfall of the very world that Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin had created.

I can only say what I say because I live in America, where freedom of expression is God's given right to any man who sets foot onto this country.

That is not the case for anywhere else. In the rest of the world, drugs are becoming a global currency, terrorism is a virtue and disease has become common knowledge. Where everywhere else, according to America, is a death wish.

But how long will America stand? We were built on terrorism. Disease sweeps 75% of our population every day. And more quickly do we realize, drugs are quickly becoming our national currency too.

But still, our "Mr. President" stands as a proud man, taking on a communistic dictatorship like North Korea. Standing, and taunting. He isn't worried because he has all of the power in the world. Standing tall, as a black man, whose race was not granted the same rights as you and I until 50 years ago -- the same rights promised to all of us by Jefferson, but those rights were taken away from the Blacks.

America, America; land of the free, home to the brave.

Tell me, how free are we, when we face the threat of an invasion? Tell me, how free will we be when health care will be as simple as a chip placed within our hands? How free will we be when our nation suffocates from various disease? How free will we be when replays of Sandyhook and Columbine sweep us?

Tell to me how liberty will stand, when its principles of freedom collapse? What will we do when America dies?

Home of the brave. When those words were mentioned to me as a child, I thought about how cool it would be to salute the president. How cool it would be to have people salute me as I walked down the street.

Of course my views have changed. They've changed immensely.

How can the "home of the brave" be defined when 13-year-old girls are kidnapped and sold as sex slaves? How can the brave be defined, when a man will kill his entire family, to flee fearfully from a certain death?

More like home of Cowards.

Don't get my message wrong. I haven't mentioned the troops who are fighting and dying for America. They are the truest definition of heroes, not the man who sits in the safety and security of the White House, passing orders.

I believe America needs to be rewritten, written right. So I, we, and America can proudly say: I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands -- one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty. and justice for all.

By Brandon Rockwell, North Platte

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 5/27/2013
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