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Mail: Be respectful, gun ownersTell North Platte what you think

Recently, at the Kearney gun show, I had just entered the main room when I heard a dealer telling another dealer that he would have liked “to walk up and punch Obama right in the face,” for his speech following the Senate’s defeat of his proposals.

As I walked by them I said, “You obviously support the second amendment, but not the first.”

There was no reply.

In a North Platte restaurant on April 28, I overheard a guy telling another guy that “he wished he had known where Diane Wetzel lived so he could have gone and punched her in the face.”

I’m thinking that these kinds of attitudes and statements might just be contributing factors towards the stereotypes that millions of Americans have about gun owners.

One of the founding fathers once told another gentleman, “I might disagree with what you say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it.”

This is just one of the principles that our nation was founded that too many seem to have forgotten.

Ms. Wetzel (a writer for the North Platte Telegraph) is entitled to her opinions, no matter how inaccurate they are.

As a journalist, however, reporting things that are not true, as facts, is something she and her employer must deal with, as well as her readers. I suspect that her readership will actually increase, however, because of the controversy.

By the way, I am a federally licensed firearms dealer who was at said gun show, checking out everyone I sold a gun to.

By Dan Sheesley, North Platte

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 5/6/2013
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