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Mail: Democrats will ruin USTell North Platte what you think

Do you really want to know what wrong with the United States of America today?

First of all it starts with the President Barack Obama is a socialism that hates hates hates hates America. He hates the American flag. When you got a president that hates America it will go all the way down. Same with Congress and Senators to....from the White House all the way down the line....

President Obama and Democrat Party wants total control to take America down the toilet.... They want total Democratic voting and total Democratic laws all the way. President Obama’s heath care is not good enough for the government, but they want total control by the Democratic Party and for people over 65 and older to die.

It so sad the Democratic government and party have kicked our holy God out of the United States of America. How sad...

The USA used to fear God.

American people used to work hard for the families and friends all the way down the line, but thanks to the Democratic party, the government gives people money not to work. It used to be shameful for people to live together -- today that is the life style. Gals used to get married to have a family, not today. Single gals have babies to get government funds. Marriage is between a man and lady, not today. Today, the life style is man marries man and woman marries woman.... Totally wrong, thanks to the Democratic party and Democratic government.

We have more people not working than people working, thank to the Democratic government and party.

There is only one way to turn America around -- put our holy God back in first place. With President Obama, that will not happen... Like I said before, God can and will destroy the USA. God hates men married to men and women married to women. God hates killing unborn babies 1,000 by 1,000. Like I said before, the only way to bring back America is to put God in first place.

By Jim Simpson, North Platte

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 4/26/2013
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