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Getting reacquainted with the outdoorsTell North Platte what you think
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Terrie Mooney and Steve Webb

They are familiar faces around North Platte. They both had businesses downtown for years and both recently sold their establishments.

Terrie Mooney was the owner of the Expresso Shoppe. Steve Webb owned Brown's Shoe Fit. Mooney had an opportunity to sell her business and take some time off before possibly looking for another business opportunity. Webb is ready to enjoy some time off.

Webb was a regular at the Expresso Shoppe and over time became friends with Mooney. Mooney eventually told Webb stories about the fishing adventures of her and her sister. Webb was intrigued.

"I have fished on and off for years", Mooney said. "It became a heavy pastime for me two summers ago when my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He taught me how to fish and fishing is something he really enjoyed.”

Mooney went on to say that her father was quite an avid fisherman. He had fished in Washington, Florida, California, Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, the Gulf of California in Mexico and in Canada. Mooney and her sister, Shelly, would take their dad fishing at least one a week as long as he was able.

“For me, I was looking for something to do after I retired", Webb said. "Listening to Terrie, fishing sounded interesting. I remember fishing as a kid, with my grandparents. I was probably 7-10 years old at the time. I really hadn't done much fishing since and I thought I wanted to try it again."

Webb had talked with me about fishing a while back and I got him lined up with some basic gear. Since then, he and Mooney had been fishing a few local spots.

"I don't know why my sister and I continued to fish", added Mooney. "Maybe it was a tribute to our father, but we went fishing every week, every Tuesday. We spent the summer fishing lakes listed in the Nebraska Game and Parks fishing guide. We fished a lot of spots in Lincoln and Keith counties, too."

I wanted to introduce Mooney and Webb to one of my favorite types of fishing...jigging pole fishing for smallmouth bass in the canal east of town.

Mooney, Webb and I met up recently and took advantage of the mild fall weather. We traveled a few miles east of the town and I introduced them to jig fishing. The telescoping poles reach out from the bank and you simply drift your bait a few feet out from the rocks. A small bobber tells you when a hungry smallmouth grabs your lure.

It didn't take long and Webb had a fish. Mooney hooked up with a scrappy smallmouth a few minutes later. The next couple of hours were like this. Mooney would catch a fish, then Webb. The smallmouth cooperated quite well.

"I like these jigging poles", Webb said. "They are very easy to use and a convenient way to fish. I do like the longer pole so I can reach out a bit further."

"They are so simple to use", Mooney added. "No line to tangle, very portable and light weight. I never fished with a cane pole before so this was interesting."

“To me it is about being outside” Webb said. “For 40 years I was indoors making a career, building a business. Now, I just want to be outdoors, doing something. Fishing with these jigging poles...takes me back to when I was fishing as a kid.”

“I just love fishing”, Mooney interjected. “I find a sense of peace. I think I got to know a piece of my self that I didn’t know existed. Now, I can’t wait to fish. I want to learn more and I’ve even started watching fishing on TV.”

How do you add anything to a statement like that? Good luck to you, Terrie and Steve, on all your future fishing adventures.

Predator hunting

Tink’s has been a well known name in deer scents for a long time, but did you know that made scents to help out predator hunters? The company’s new “Coyote Mist” spray is designed to bring in shy coyotes. It is formulated with natural urine. The scent will not only lure coyotes within range, but it stops them in their tracks affording you a better shot. The 4-ounce bottle has a spray top allowing mist to drift downwind to stick to vegetation.

Tink’s Rabbit Mist is made from rabbit urine. If you are going after coyotes, why not use a scent that is made from a coyote’s number one food source? This scent is perfect to use with decoys and calling. The rabbit lure adds one more level of realism to your setup, and sometimes that is what it takes to get a wary coyote. Like the Coyote Mist Predator Lure, Tink's Rabbit Mist Predator Lure stops predators in their tracks. Its spray top will let the mist drift downwind for the best performance.

One more rabbit enticer is Tink’s Predator Smokin’ Sticks. They burn like an incense stick and are designed to smell like rabbits. Once light, each stick smokes for 15 to 20 minutes. Scented smoke gets down range farther and faster than other scent-dispersal methods. Each package contains 10 sticks. Just remember to use these wisely in dry conditions.

First published in the Nov. 21 print edition of the North Platte Bulletin.

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 12/8/2012
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