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Hrabe found guilty of attempted assaultTell North Platte what you think
Photo by LCSO
Travis Hrabe

A 31-year-old North Platte man pleaded no contest and was found guilty of attempted second-degree assault for the beating of Tim White outside of Kelsey’s bar in January.

Travis L. Hrabe, 2209 West 16th, could face a maximum five-years imprisonment, a $10,000 fine or both when sentenced Oct. 25.

Hrabe was arrested along with Edward Hagert following the altercation in Kelsey’s parking lot off Rodeo Road.

Investigators believe White was beaten after the bar closed. White left Kelsey’s shortly after 1 a.m., at closing time, according to witnesses. He was energetic and hadn’t had a fresh drink in 30 minutes, workers said.

A witness said he got into a car where he didn’t belong.

White, who is 6”4” and weighs 230 pounds, was apparently beaten and left in the parking lot.

Later, a man picked him up and tried to drive him home, but he couldn’t find his house, so he took him instead to Kwik Stop, one of the few places open all night.

He looked like he had been beaten but like he might have cleaned up a little, a Kwik Stop employee said. There was dried blood near his mouth and nose. He had red bruises on his forehead.

White hung out in the convenience store for about 20 minutes and then headed out the door and walked a little ways east, according to witnesses. He was still in the vicinity of the Kwik Stop parking lot when a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy found him. White was intoxicated and bruised; communicative but uncooperative. The deputy called the police, a spokesman said.

White told law officers he had been assaulted but didn’t give any details, according to witnesses. The police took him to his former residence, which was the address on his driver’s license, where a friend now lives, they said.

His friend took him to his mother’s house. His mother said White was agitated. He was coherent but couldn’t remember what all had happened to him.

White suddenly collapsed on his mother’s kitchen floor around 4:30 a.m., according to his mother. She took him to Great Plains Regional Medical Center. Examinations there showed he was bleeding inside his skull. An ambulance took him to Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney shortly after sunup.

North Platte Police Investigator Monte McNeil testified during the preliminary that two witnesses agreed that Hagert had a minimal role in the brutal beating of White. McNeil seemed to indicate that the witnesses told him that Hagert did not pull White from the vehicle but did “put his foot on him.”

Hagert told McNeil that he then stepped away from the car to relieve himself and when he returned, White was unconscious on the ground, according to the testimony.

Potter said on cross-examination, McNeil said a recorded phone conversation between Hagert and the co-defendent Hrabe revealed that it was Hrabe – not Hagert – who kicked White in the head.

McNeil read a transcript of the call:

Hagert: “You know that guy you kicked?”

Hrabe: “Yeah.”

Hagert: “He's in bad shape. He's in Kearney.”

Potter also pointed out in the preliminary hearing transcript that North Platte Police Sgt. Steve Reeves testified Matt Stoddard, a witness, told him it was Hrabe, not Hagert, who kicked White.

Hagert is awaiting arraignment in Lincoln County District Court.

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 9/13/2010
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