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NU in line for $26.5 million in defense contractsTell North Platte what you think

The U.S. Senate has unanimously approved a Department of Defense appropriations bill, Nebraska’s Sen. Ben Nelson announced Oct. 4.

The bill, which originated in the House, provides $459.6 billion for the military and armed services.

Nearly $36.5 million of the total is earmarked for Nebraska-related projects, most of which are for research at the University of Nebraska to reduce casualties and treat wounded.

Nelson said the appropriation continues to support “the men and women on the front lines with the latest technologies and resources.”

“I’m particularly pleased that Nebraska’s contributions to our national defense have been recognized in this legislation,” he said.

Nelson is on two key committees in the Senate – Armed Services and Appropriations.

The full list of Nebraska earmarks:

· Tracheal Intubation for Wounded Warrior – University of Nebraska Medical Center - $2 million: Funding will be used to further modify the videolaryngoscope—a device used to see down a patient’s throat to properly insert a breathing tube. This project will enable University of Nebraska Medical Center researchers to make the scope much easier and more portable to use, thereby reducing the number of battlefield deaths resulting from intubation failure.

· BattleSpace: Reducing Military Decision Cycles for Warfighters – University of Nebraska–Omaha - $3 million: UNO's BattleSpace project will design software for warfighters and USSTRATCOM to facilitate rapid and effective decision-making, based on multiple data inputs, for battlefield management, war games, exercises and other defense planning activities. Use of BattleSpace software can result in rapid and effective analyses of battlefield situational elements and recommendation for response.

· Bioceramic Bones for Battlefield Trauma – University of Nebraska–Lincoln - $2,000,000: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will use this funding to continue research and development of a material that can be used to construct bioceramic “bones” to treat orthopedic casualties suffered by U.S. soldiers. In addition to its military uses, the bioceramic bone has broad benefit to the large percentage of the U.S. population who may experience severe bone damage due to trauma, osteoporosis or bone tumors.

· High Energy Laser for Detection, Inspection and Non-destructive Testing – University of Nebraska – Lincoln - $5,000,000: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln would use this funding to develop and improve the performance of high energy lasers and their ability to inspect the internal condition of jets and military hardware and detect cracks and defects.

· Miniature In Vivo Robots for Tele-Surgery in Combat Environments – University of Nebraska Medical Center - $3,500,000: Funding will be used to further develop miniature, mobile, wireless robots that the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have developed to address those battlefield injuries that result in hemorrhaging in the chest and abdomen.

· Vaccines to Fight Respiratory Infections – University of Nebraska Medical Center - $4,000,000: Funding will support the development of a vaccine to keep military personnel and civilians free from respiratory infections such as influenza, pneumonia, whooping cough, strep throat, and scarlet fever, which are a leading cause of outpatient illness and infectious disease hospitalization.

· Protection Against Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) – University of Nebraska - Lincoln - $4,000,000: This funding will support research on new, advanced materials that can be used to produce lightweight vehicles and body armor that will be highly resistant to improvised explosive device (IED) blasts and enhance the safety of troops and vehicles in an IED blast – the leading cause of injuries and deaths of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

· Operations Risk Management Visualization & Integration (ORM-VIZ) – ProLogic Incorporated and Spiral Technology & Solutions Incorporated - $1,000,000: This funding will be used to upgrade the Air Force Weather Weapon System (AFWWS) to provide full-dimensional computer displays of the battlespace, theater of operations, and the whole earth. This full-dimensional presentation will allow commanders to intuitively comprehend uncertainties related to weather observations and forecasts and rapidly assess weather and other environmentally-induced-risks bearing on planned and in-progress combat operations.

· High Temperature, Laser Sintered Polymeric Material Digital Product – Royal Plastics Manufacturing, Inc. - $2,000,000: This funding will be used to develop and qualify polymer material technologies for advanced fighter aircraft. Advanced aircraft platforms require parts made with polymeric materials that can withstand higher temperatures and have electrostatic discharge properties while also being lighter weight and less expensive than their metallic counterparts.

· Surgical Wound Disinfection and Biological Agents – ExOxEmis, Inc. - $2,000,000: This funding will be used to continue research and testing of myeloperoxidase – used in wound decontamination and the prevention of surgical site infection.

· Advanced Wireless Encryption Module – Transcrypt International - $3,000,000: This funding will be used to develop a flexible module that can be used to upgrade the security of the wireless local area network (WLAN) currently being used in the Navy. This capability will reduce implementation costs for other programs while also allowing shipboard personnel access to critical data ubiquitously around the ship.

· Crypto-Linguist/Intelligence Officer Initiative – Nebraska Air National Guard - $2,000,000: This initiative provides funding to expand the Nebraska Air National Guard's 170th Group at Offutt AFB. The 170th Group provides training and operational support to the active duty 55th Wing's global command and control and intelligence missions.

· Global Awareness Presentation System (GAPS) – ProLogic Incorporated and Spiral Technology & Solutions Incorporated - $3,000,000: Funding will continue the effort to apply modern digital technology giving U.S.STRATCOM a common geographic land, sea, air, and space mapping display. The GAPS capability enables USSTRATCOM's geographically separated command and control, analysis, and mission planning personnel to communicate with one another using a common geographic mapping computer display over secure communications networks.

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 10/7/2007
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