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Davis at Legislature: Deception by the National Park Service

Giving Day: Consider Crimestoppers

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Mail: Great Ag Fest in Dawson, Custer counties

Dealing with spring weeds

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Agriculture - Opinion
Giving Day: Consider Crimestoppers

The Lincoln County Crime Stoppers Program is pleased to be able to participate in North Platte Giving Day sponsored by the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation on Tuesday, May 3. ...More

Davis at Legislature: Deception by the National Park Service

Many of you know that the entrance of our State Capitol is emboldened with the quote, "The Salvation of the State is Watchfulness of the Citizen." ...More

Fortenberry in Congress: Late mail

At my last town hall meeting in Bellevue, we had a robust discussion about the challenges facing America. A big surprise came afterward. A constituent told me he had received the invitation to the meeting that same day. ...More

DeWitty: Small world

It was a chilly morning, with the promise of a fairly warm, wind free, day when over 150 people gathered for the dedication of the DeWitty Historical Highway marker, located just north of the Loup River Bridge on U.S. Highway 83. ...More

Mail: Consider Hershey ball field on Giving Day

On the first-ever North Platte Giving Day May 3, the Hershey Youth League, an baseball and softball organization that impacts hundreds of youth in the spring and summer, is seeking donations. ...More

Groene at the Legislature: Overriding vetoes (3 Talk Back Entries 3)

The 60-day session of the 104th Legislature came to an end last Wednesday, April 20.  We met to consider overriding the governor’s vetoes and sit through the farewell speeches of the 11 senators who will not be returning due to term limits. ...More

Arbor Day Tree to honor Vernon Yanney

When a man of stature and integrity passes away, he's never gone from the memories of those he's impacted. Mr. Vernon Yanney (1927-2016) was one of those men.  ...More

Mail: Thanks, Joe Hewgley

As an engineer on the Union Pacific, I want to thank Joe Hewgley, my county commmissioner, for always seeing that Front Street gets plowed and kept open during the winter. ...More

Mail: Lack of national values (3 Talk Back Entries 3)

I wonder. It seems the national flag is at half-staff more than it is flown at the peak of the pole. Does the nation mourn for the actions of terrorists which results in numerous deaths of the innocent, or does our president mourn for the suicide bombers who seem to be his friends? ...More

Mail: Trump cannot be bought (2 Talk Back Entries 2)

We the people are fed up with the lies and deceit of the greedy politicians who think more of themselves than the people they represent.   ...More

Mail: Trump is unrepentant (2 Talk Back Entries 2)

Donald Trump proudly waves his Bible and states he is a “good Christian’ and has “a great relationship with God.”  ...More

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