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How to contact school board representatives

Democracy on a 3-minute time limit with no discussion

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4S Goat Expo set Oct. 1-2.

‘Coffee with a Forester’ workshop addresses tree health

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How to contact school board representatives

Here are the North Platte school board members, their emails and the wards they represent: ...More

Democracy on a 3-minute time limit with no discussion (2 Talk Back Entries 2)

One aspect of the recent North Platte school budget hearing that merits justifiable criticism is the 3-minute limit on testimony. You might shrug off the school’s $3 million deficit to start the year, but when you mess with the public’s right to talk to elected officials, that’s serious.  ...More

Davis at the Legislature: Local control of wind energy

On Monday, Aug. 19, I attended a meeting in Hyannis presented by a group of individuals who are strongly opposed to the development of wind energy systems in the Sandhills. ...More

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