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Mail: Keep Iron Eagle

Itís Our Water

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Brand committee holds public hearing in Grand Island

4S Goat Expo: Educational seminar, show, sale

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Mail: Keep Iron Eagle (10 Talk Back Entries 10)

A great deal of discussion is taking place about the future of Iron Eagle Golf Course. I won’t get into all of the history here, but an earlier council shifted the financing of the course from revenue bonds to general obligation bonds. ...More

Itís Our Water

It was set to happen. The Obama administration’s rule to expand federal control over water in Nebraska and all across the country was supposed to go into effect on Aug. 28. Thankfully, a federal judge intervened. ...More

Mail: Thelen wins Optimists raffle

Congratulations to Court Thelen who won the raffle for two season passes for the Nebraska Cornhusker football. ...More

Davis at Legislature: Divided debate on property tax reform

The first meeting of the Legislature’s School Funding Committee is in the history books. ...More

Mail: Thanks for help with bottlecap mural

We wanted to take time to send out a special thank you to everyone who was involved with making the Eisenhower Bottlecap Mural a success.    ...More

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