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Death penalty no longer good policy

After Trump-Clinton debate, the third party looks better

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Ranch transition when you arenít in control

Wallace FFA receives handbooks through Farm Credit Services of America

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Death penalty no longer good policy

I spent my professional life in law enforcement and was fortunate to serve as the Lincoln Police Chief, and Director of the Nebraska Crime Commission. I believe I understand public safety. ...More

After Trump-Clinton debate, the third party looks better (2 Talk Back Entries 2)

In my opinion, the 2016 Presidential election has presented us with one of the worst possible scenarios imaginable. This opinion was only strengthened by the first debate between the two main contenders, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. ...More

Davis at the Legislature: 'Silver Alert' for Alzheimer's patients who can't be found

The Alzheimer’s Association of Nebraska estimates that more than 33,000 Nebraskans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, or a related dementia. ...More

Mail: Acts of kindness (4 Talk Back Entries 4)

Something I consider worth sharing happened to me the other day. I was shopping in the frozen foods section of a local store and could not find the item I sought. ...More

Groene at the Legislature: State budget looks better, Kintner scandal, vaccine (1 Talk Back Entries 1)

Good news. At present it looks like there will be no need for any special session of the legislature. ...More

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