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Mail: Congrats to North Platte High speech competitors

Groene at the Legislature: Classroom restraint, felons with bow and arrows, property tax relief

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Managing mama cows during calving season

Farmerís Union board calls for ban on Brazilian food imports

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Agriculture - Ag News
Managing mama cows during calving season

While giving cows and their new calves the best possible chance for a healthy and safe experience during calving season, handlers need to be mindful of their own safety. ...More

Farmerís Union board calls for ban on Brazilian food imports

Following news of extensive corruption involving the Brazilian meat-packing giant, JBS, as well as the largest poultry packager in the world, BRF, the Nebraska Farmers Union board of directors issued a call for a ban on importation of products from Brazil, pending the results of further investigation by Brazilian authorities.   ...More

Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council elects new officers

The Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council elected new officers and board members during its annual meeting on March 10. ...More

Tips: Livestock vaccinations, treatments

Properly disposing of livestock medical containers and the needles and syringes used to administer them is both a matter of good stewardship and safety.  ...More

Feedyard operator sentenced for fraud

On Thursday, March 23, U.S. District Judge John M. Gerrard sentenced Alan Ostrander, 45, of Omaha to five years’ probation. Ostrander pled guilty to criminal charges of wire fraud and willful failure to file tax returns.  ...More

Ricketts: Ag property tax plan will cut taxes over long haul

Gov. Pete Ricketts unveiled a new analysis of his ag land property tax reform proposal on Tuesday, showing it would dramatically slow the increase in property taxes over a 10-year time-period. ...More

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